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Cemeteries of Washington County
and Surrounding Areas
(boldface indicates preferred name)

Name of Cemetery Also Known As Township Location
Allen Greenfield Lowe
Ballard Falls Pine Hill, Little Blue Little Blue
Barr Hollenberg Franklin
Beeson   Coleman
Bethlehem Lutheran   Greenleaf
Blocker Hickory Grove Mill Creek
Blue Hill Fairfield, Rock, Throop Coleman
Bohemian Pecenka Marshall County
Bond Hill Leigh Charleston
Brantford   Brantford
Brethren (Church of the) Merky Washington
Bruce   Barnes
Canfil Carpenter Haddam
Carpenter Canfil Haddam
Chepstow   Lincoln
Clara St. Bernards Grant
Clifton I.O.O.F.   Clifton
Dale Friends   Coleman
Douglas Mound Barnes
Dunnick (Dunnock, Dunnoch) Spenceville, Hilltop Franklin
Emmons   Charleston
Evergreen   Lincoln
Fairfield Rock, Blue Hill, Throop Coleman
Fairview   Grant
Fancy Creek   Riley County
Fancy Creek Zion   Riley County
Ferguson   Haddam
Gaskill   Highland
Gingery   Haddam
Greenfield Allen Lowe
Greenleaf Mt. St. James Logan
Haddam   Haddam
Hanover City   Hanover
Hawk   Republic County
Hess   Linn
Hickory Grove Blocker Mill Creek
Hilltop Spenceville, Dunnick Franklin
Hollenberg Mt. Zion, Barr, Prell Franklin
Hopewell   Union
Horseshoe Trinity Lutheran Independence
Immanuel Lutheran   Strawberry
Joy Creek Spring Creek, Shields Creek, Silver Cliff, Liberty Highland
Lanham St. John's Lutheran, St. Aloysius Catholic Independence
Larabee   Haddam
Leigh Bond Hill Charleston
Liberty Joy Creek, Spring Creek, Shields Creek, Silver Cliff Highland
Linn City Spiers Sherman
Little Blue Pine Hill, Ballard Falls Little Blue
Lone Grave   Farmington
Lone Grave Oliver Grant
Lone Mound Shoup, Stoy Franklin
Mahaska   Union
Maplewood   Barnes
Mayday   Riley County
Merky Brethren (Church of the) Washington
Mission Covenant   Brantford
Morrowville   Mill Creek
Mound Douglas Barnes
Mount Pleasant   Washington
Mt. St. James, Greenleaf   Greenleaf
Oliver   Haddam
Palmer   Sheridan
Parallel   Sherman
Patterson   Haddam
Peach Grove   Riley County
Peat's Creek (Pete's Creek)   Sherman
Pecenka Bohemian Marshall Couinty
Pete's Creek (Peat's Creek)   Sherman
Pine Hill Little Blue, Ballard Falls Little Blue
Pleasant Hill Soash Hill Brantford
Pleasant View Quaker Union
Poor Farm   Logan
Prall Mt. Zion Evangelical Franklin
Quaker Pleasant View Union
Reiter   Strawberry
Rock Fairfield, Blue Hill, Throop Coleman
Round Mound Spralding Greenleaf
Rusco   Clifton
Sacred Heart   Greenleaf
St. Aloysius Catholic Lanham Independence
St. Bernards Clara Grant
St. Boniface   Barnes
St. Isadore   Republic County
St. Johannes   Linn
St. John's Catholic   Hanover
St. John's Lutheran Lanham Independence
St. Louis   Sherman
St. Mary's   Clifton
St. Michael's   Kimeo
St. Paul East   Logan
St. Paul's Lutheran, Linn   Linn
St. Paul's Lutheran, Palmer   Sheridan
St. Peter   Lincoln
Sts. Peter & Paul   Lowe
Shields Creek Joy Creek, Spring Creek, Silver Cliff Highland
Shoup Lone Mound, Stoy Franklin
Soash Hill Pleasant Hill Brantford
Spence School   Kimeo
Spenceville Hilltop, Dunnick Franklin
Spiers Linn City Sherman
Spralding Round Mound Greenleaf
Spring Creek Joy Creek, Liberty, Shields Creek Highland
Spring Valley   Lincoln
State Line Lutheran   Franklin
Stoy Shoup, Lone Mound Franklin
Sutherland Graves   Greenleaf
Swedish Baptist   Brantford
Throop Fairfield, Rock, Blue Hill Coleman
Trinity Lutheran Horseshoe Independence
Tripp   Mill Creek
Vining   Clifton
Washington City   Washington
Wertenberger   Logan
Zion Evangelical Prall Franklin
Zion Lutheran   Brantford
Zion Lutheran, Linn   Linn